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Traditional Irish Cottages – We love them


At Martin Kelleher Property services we love the iconic traditional Irish cottage – and why not.

They were built of stone, generally occupy large 1 acre plus plot sizes and often in excellent locations.  In recent years we have seen amazing contemporary extensions added to traditional cottages keeping the 2 styles distinct from one another.

The Irish Cottage is iconic and literally grew out of the landscape due to the fact that most of the materials used would come from within a short distance away.  Early cottages developed in the 1700’s from the single room hut without a foundation to a plan with 2 rooms around the large fireplace and an attic.

Most cottages would have been finished with a thatched roof, the materials used for the thatch would depend on what was available close by.

In the early 1900’s cottages evolved to the two rooms up and two rooms downstairs type with 600mm stone walls.  Most cottages faced south and windows were small to keep in heat and reduce draughts.

The half door was popular to allow for ventilation whilst keeping the infants in and animals out.  The parlour was located to the rear of the fireplace and was not usually used but kept for visiting relations, priests, doctors etc.

In today’s property market cottages are in demand and we have recently seen some amazing cottage extensions.

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